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We first met Makenna 3 years ago when she worked as our showroom model in Miami for Mercedes Benz Swim Week.  We love Makenna's beautiful energy and sultry girl next door looks. Not to mention her to die for booty! Welcome to the Aila Blue family Makenna. A few things you didn't know about Makenna:

 Full name: Makenna Hamilton Reeder

Age: 20

Current city: Columbia, South Carolina

From: I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina until I was 14, when my family and I moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. 

Best destination: Marseille, France - I spent a summer in Milan working showroom for Costume National and had a couple weeks left before I made the voyage back home, so I traveled to France, as I had always wanted to go there. I spent a few days there and didn't want to leave.

Dying to go to: Spain, I have always been fascinated with its history and culture. It just seems like such a beautiful country with so many things to see. 

Loves: Exploring. Modeling has given me the opportunity to travel to so many beautiful places and it's made me realize there's so much out there for us all to see. 

What does Aila Blue mean to you: I've always associated Aila Blue's collection with spontaneity, it gives women the perfect combination of comfort and style that we all strive to find. It offers a unique island style, making it easy to dress up or down which always makes for the best pieces to have in your closet. 

 Images by Nicole Daniels Photography 

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